Superfast broadband, aka Fibre broadband, is now becoming widely recognized. Of course, everyone would love to have faster internet speed; however fibre does cost a bit more than a normal ADSL line.

If your reading this your obviously unsure if Superfast Broadband is the choice for your business? So, is it?

Understanding fibre

The main difference between the two is, fibre optic broadband uses special cable that is made with fibre to transfer data in the form of light signal. When compared to standard ADSL line, which uses copper phone line, fibre is certainly much faster. We are talking about up to 80Mbps download speed and 20Mbps upload speed!

Other than speed and quality, ADSL and fibre are rather similar. To make things clearer for you, the table below shows you the speed difference between the two.

Do I need fibre?

It really depends on your business type, and how big your company is. You should opt for fibre optic broadband if:

  • Your business uses a lot of web based, data hungry business critical applications
  • Your business requires a lot of file sharing activities
  • You work from home and rely on your internet connection for a living
  • You have multiple offices, or you use multiple devices
  • You have smaller satellites, where higher bandwidth services are not cost effective

To conclude, fibre optic broadband is faster, better quality and also gives you a bigger bandwidth to share between users.


How do I get fibre?

First of all you need to check with a provider, such as Chess, and see if fibre is available in your area. Even if fibre is not available around you area, don’t be disappointed. Engineers are constantly working on expanding the fibre network so please check every now and then.

If you are eligible for optic fibre, an engineer will then come to your house to fit a new faceplate over your phone socket. The setup can take slightly longer than traditional ADSL lines. Make sure you compare different tariffs – provider such as Chess gives customers free router, free setup and free transfer, backed up with 24/7 support.